Hilux Dual Battery Installation

Our workshop guys completed the Toyota Hilux dual battery system. Up from we ran with the proven Redarc 25A BCDC to leverage the Toyota’s factory charging system to effectively charge the auxiliary battery.

Jump Start Capability

under bonnet hilux dual battery systemMounting the battery under the bonnet gave us the option to include the ability to join the batteries if required. This can be handy for using a winch or to jump the start battery. For this installation we added a 100A isolator for use as an emergency jump-start if the crank battery is flat. This is easily activated by a manual switch on the dash if required.

Typically we oversize our cabling to minimise any voltage drop. This installation was no different as the run to the 12v system in the canopy is a reasonable distance.

Hilux Canopy 12v Fit-Out

hilux canopy fit-out with 12v power, solar, lights and fridgeOut back in the canopy a modified 12v power box is key to the system. This gives the owner every conceivable 12V outlet imaginable in one handy location. It handles the Engel fridge, USB outlets and 12v sockets for a travel buddy or 12v kettle. We also used this box to split out the power for the canopy lights.

For additional convenience we also ran a seperate 12v feed to the roof top tent making it possible to power a portable light and to charge phones and other devices over night.

Solar Keeps the Hilux Dual Battery Going Strong

Hilux dual battery installation by driven Tasmania

The Toyota Hilux dual battery system is topped off with a 210W solar panel mounted directly to the top of the hardshell rooftop tent. This keeps plenty of power flowing while camped up for days without needing to worry about power.  No hot snags or warm beers by mid-afternoon here.

Note the blue film evident in t he photo is used in all installations to keep the vehicle paint safe from scratches.

Camp, Work and Reverse Lights

warm white canopy lightsFor the interior lights we used 600mm long LED’s with three colour function and dimming control. This allows the owner to get maximum light for working and then set the mood nice and low for campsite antics. With the vehicle in our workshop we also installed a range of auxiliary lights to the sides of the Rhino roof platform. In addition we added a small LED reverse light to help out in the dark. These lights are switched individually and are clearly set-out inside the Hilux.

Looking to Build Your Own Canopy Set-up?

If you’re looking for someone to custom build your own 12v set-up feel free to get in touch. We love tailoring solutions to individual needs no matter how grand or basic they are.

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