Apple CarPlay & Android Auto

Apple CarPlay – Is one of the most exciting innovations for in-car infotainment in recent years, allowing you to manage the core functions of you iPhone right from the centre of your mobile entertainment solution.  iTunes, Apple Maps and Messages are all there right at your fingertips – or they can be voice controlled, just ask Siri.

Featured Apple CarPlay & Android Auto Products

apple CarPlay and android auto maps

Smartphone GPS Navigation

Apple CarPlay and Android Auto integrates maps to open up a powerful ‘turn-by-turn’ navigation system, by leveraging the power of your Smartphone’s contacts, addresses and search history you can connect to your maps easily on the go. This provides almost instant access to directions, contacts and points of interest.

We can retro-fit Apple CarPlay to just about and model and make of car for unlimited entertainment

Of course Apple CarPlay allows full control of your music needs, with voice and touch control of all your familiar iTunes functions and features including iTunes Radio and your own playlists – CarPlay does it all. Plus with more Apps always under development your entertainment horizon just multiplied and best of all we can integrate CarPlay to just about any vehicle.