LC70 Dual Battery with Emergency Jump Function

RRP $1,250.00

This package includes all the basics to get a dual battery system into your 70 Series Land Cruiser.

This battery charging kit by Redarc is perfect for people wanting to get away in their 70 Series to explore or work remotely. All without missing out on cold drinks, fresh food and a few comforts from home.

The dual battery setup offers everything you need if you’re looking to add a secondary battery to your Cruiser that will allow you to run things like fridges, inverters and other 12v devices.

The 25amp battery charger will help to top-up your 2nd battery while you’re on the move, and features green power priority if you want to add a solar blanket or portable solar panel down the track to help you harness the sun’s energy to get batteries back to 100% charge when you’re setup at camp.

The inclusion of a dual voltage monitoring gauge means you can always keep a closer eye on your battery performance to ensure you are not over or under voltage when out on the road.

Plus the inclusion of the 100A isolator allows you to connect your main and auxiliary battery together to aid in starting the vehicle if the main battery is low.

Dual Battery Charger Starter Pack Inclusions:

  • 25amp DC to DC battery charger (BCDC1225D) to charge your auxiliary batteries
  • 100A Smart Start (SBI12) battery isolator
  • Fuse kit required for self-installation
  • A Land Cruiser mounting bracket (BCDCMB-002) with the auxiliary battery mounted under the bonnet. Suits 3/2007 – Current.
  • Dual voltage gauge (G52-VVA) so you can keep an eye on your batteries’ charging performance

This package is ideal for a second battery rated between 75-200AH and does not include a battery, battery mounts, cabling or installation. For a complete solution with drive-away pricing contact us for further information.