Ute Toolbox Alarm Specialist

Looking to protect your valuable tools and equipment when out on the job site or parked up at home for the evening with a toolbox alarm?

We’ve seen a huge increase in the number of work vehicles and utes being broken into in Tasmania over the recent months with battery powered tools and computer equipment or tablets high on the list of the most stolen.

Our solution is to integrate a full alarm system into your vehicle that connects to the toolbox, storage or even a canopy to protect your valuable tools and even your short-term income.

D-Max fitted with extensive toolbox alarm systemThe system uses your factory remotes control (or we can provide a stand alone system if your vehicle doesn’t have factory remote locking) and a series of switches, sensors and of course a siren to ensure as soon as any part of the vehicle, be it the cabin, tool box or storage areas is tampered with you’ll hear it.

toolbox alarm protecting drawers and storage binsBest of all this system is on when you’ve locked the car, no forgetting to set individual tilt alarms or hope the batteries haven’t gone flat in the DIY solutions available.

The options and number of zones you can protect are limitless. We design solutions for any number of small builders with a ute full of battery tools to engineering companies with tens of thousands of dollars of specialist equipment in them.

If you’re in the market to protect your livelihood and tools get in touch with us to discuss a plan. We don’t sell cheap, easy solutions. Instead we focus on providing proven reliable security for your ute, truck or SUV.

To discuss your toolbox alarm needs click on this link to get in touch, or call us on 03 6334 2727 Monday – Friday.

The basis for this security system is an Australian Standards approved security system in the form of an alarm upgrade (for vehicles fitted with factory keyless entry) or a standard alone alarm if required.

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