MN Triton Bluetooth Upgrade with CarPlay / Android Auto & Reverse Camera

There’s no doubting the popularity of Mitsubishi’s Triton. Built solid, they have stood the test of time well. However the factory Triton Bluetooth isn’t quite keeping up so well. The MN Triton was built from 2009 – 2015 and had a few different options for factory radio or in some cases GPS.

triton bluetooth upgrade from factoryBluetooth Upgrade Across the Triton Range

The entire model range of the MN Triton can be upgraded with the latest in connectivity and entertainment however some need a little more predation than others. The later model’s in the MN life-cycle are a direct replacement in most cases.

This earlier example requires moving the factory computer that provide trip, fuel and a compass. By moving this lower in the dash you can then install a larger 7″ screen unit with CarPlay / Android Auto, Bluetooth and of course a reverse camera.

The example we have here we used the TDJ FP9213K dash-kit. There is also the FP9013K for Triton’s with the red display and six button computer.

Moving the display and buttons down is relatively straight forward with the kit. We did find that the buttons as supplied were not ideal in fitment so we filed them down to provided a nicer fit. This also allowed them to return to position with-out getting stuck.

Bluetooth upgraded in TritonNow Ideal For Most Major Brands

Now that the factory display is moved we now have plenty of room to upgrade the Triton Bluetooth for a big screen. In this case the customer had a Sony unit however anything from Alpine, Pioneer or Kenwood would be ideal.

This Triton was optioned with steering wheel controls for the audio, which were also retained for the aftermarket unit. We also kept all of the factory speakers in this installation. There are plenty of options for improving the sound even further with the Triton. It has 6″ speakers front and rear so there are plenty of speaker upgrades to choose from.

Finally to round out the upgrades to the Triton we installed a reverse camera. All of our reverse camera installations follow the same path. All external cabling is wrapped in protective conduit. We rout our cabling with factory looms to ensure it isn’t a ‘snag’ issue. And finally the internal looms are cloth wrapped to illuminate rattles.

MN Triton GLX-R with reverse cameraSmartphone Navigation Now In Triton

Now that the Trition has been upgraded the customer has the convenience of smartphone navigation through either Android Auto or CarPlay. Bluetooth for wireless hands-free calls or music streaming, AM/FM radio and the added safety of a reverse camera.

If you’re looking to upgrade your Triton please get in touch, we have a range of products to get you up to date and safer on the road or farm.

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