LC70 LandCruiser Door Pods

We stock a selection of door pods to suit the Toyota LandCruiser. Equipped from factory with just a pair of dash-mounted 4″ speakers the 70 Series Cruiser benefits from the addition of new door speakers like no other Toyota.

79 Series LandCruiser Front Door PodThe Cruiser Console LandCruiser door pods are available for both the front and rear doors. The pods will take either a 6.5″ or 6×9″ speaker. In either a coaxial or component arrangement.

79 Series LandCruiser Rear Door PodOur preferred method for installing the pods is to make a custom baffle to mount between the door card and plastic pod. This ensures the speaker can be securely mounted hard up to the door frame and minimises vibration. Which gives the best output for any given speaker.

This modification is done for both front and rear speaker pods. We also recommend at a minimum a small amount of sound deadening to the doors.

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