Suffering from poor mobile phone coverage?

mobile phone coverage amplifier repeater

It seems almost a fact of life in regional Tasmania that mobile coverage isn’t always there when you need it most. And for those that rely on mobile phone communications for work, it can cost you in more ways than one.

Thankfully there are a number of ways we can help to improve your mobile phone coverage, particularly those on the 3G/4G Telstra network.

Our preferred option to improving your mobile coverage is to install a CEL-FI GO Mobile repeater for Telstra 3G & 4G networks. The CEL-FI has been tested and authorised for use on these networks. Plus being a mobile application it’s perfect for not only vehicles and heavy equipment (such as forestry) it’ll also work in caravans, campers and trucks.

How it improves mobile phone coverage

The CEL-FI works by receiving a minimal mobile phone signal via an external antenna and amplifying it through-out your vehicle. This effectively increases your mobile range for both speech and data services. In addition to improved mobile phone reception you will also benefit from;

  • Increased mobile data speeds
  • Extend your phones battery life
  • Improves speech quality

So as long as you can get a signal the CEL-FI unit will improve your coverage and offer a host of performance benefits.

mobile phone coverage amplifier repeater

Installation for cars, trucks and machinery

We offer a complete installation service of the CEL-FI product right here in Launceston for private, government and fleet operators. There is a selection of suitable antenna to suit a range of passenger vehicles, 4WD’s and trucks. The installation can be performed in half a day and is easily reversible for leased or company vehicles.

Alternate solutions for improved mobile phone coverage

While not as advanced as the CEL-FI unit it is possible to increase the reach of your mobile communications by the addition of a hard-wired cradle with external antenna. Unlike the CEL-FI this option does not amplify the signal, however the external antenna effectively gains signal reach.

The cradles are available for popular smartphones (including iPhones and Galaxy devices) and are connected to power to charge your device while on the move. They also make it safer and legal as you do not need to touch the phone while driving.

The cradles, while not offering the full benefits of the more advanced system do improve your mobile phone coverage at a fraction of the price.

The cost of improved phone coverage

As a guide the cost to have the advanced CEL-FI system installed into your vehicle it approximately $1,250.00. On the other hand the cost to have a cradle with external antenna is around $400.00. These prices may vary depending on the vehicle.

Fed up with poor mobile performance and are on the Telstra network? Come in and experience the effectiveness of these solutions – either way you’ll experience a better way to communicate when out on the road.