Alpine 8″ CarPlay installation into 79 Series

8" LC70-X308AU installed into 79 series8" LC70-X308AU installed into 79 seriesThis purposeful 79 Series had Alpine’s 8″ CarPlay/Android Auto solution installed in place of the factory stereo system.8" LC70-X308AU installed into 79 series

8" Alpine LC70 upgradeThe 8″ LC70-X308AU solution packages GPS with camping and 4WD tracks along with CarPlay, Android Auto and a host of connection options.

Alpine reverse camera installed onto LC 70

To keep things safe out back we utilised an Alpine reverse camera. The camera provides the best in terms of vision both day and night. All reverse camera wiring runs parallel with the factory loom to ensure integrity of the system no matter what the terrain.Land Cruiser 8" alpine


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