Honda CRV with upgraded CarPlay / Android Auto & GPS

honda cdv with tablet CarPlay android auto

The Honda CRV is a great car but the factory optioned multimedia system is severely lacking when it comes to phone connectivity. With a heavily sloping dash the factory screen also suffered from a lot of glare. Our solution was to install an Alpine iNE-F409 tablet style system with built-in GPS, CarPlay, Android Auto and […]

2019 Dodge RAM with Alpine Halo 9 Installation

dodge ram with alpine iNE-F409

This 2019 Dodge RAM came through our workshop to upgrade the factory audiovisual system. After considering all options we decided that a custom-fit of Alpine’s flagship Halo 9 unit with tablet style display and built-in GPS. In addition to the GPS the iNE-F409E also features a host of connectivity in the form of wired CarPlay […]