Best Value CarPlay / Android Auto Alpine iLX-W650E

RRP $649.00

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Looking for the best value CarPlay unit? Alpine’s iLX-W650E with built-in connectivity gives you Apple CarPlay or Android Auto to use apps such as Waze Navigation, Google Maps and Spotify music.

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Alpine’s iLX-W650E is the best value CarPlay (and Android Auto of course) unit on the market today. The cutting-edge design and a ultra-shallow chassis makes it suitable to popular vehicles.

The innovative dual swipe user interface puts you in control of your music and keeps your eyes on the road. Using two fingers, simply swipe up or down to adjust the volume and swipe left or right to skip between tracks. Built-in connectivity gives you class-leading best value CarPlay or Android Auto. Allowing you to use apps such as Waze Navigation, Google Maps and Spotify music via the convenience of voice command or touch. Plus, the dual camera input allows connection of a rear camera and a side or front camera making parking easier than ever before.

Whats more, the ultra-shallow chassis design makes way to add-on the compact KTA-450 Power Pack amplifier (sold separately). This revolutionary space saving design, delivers incredible power output and dynamic sound. Making the PowerStack duo an industry first and honored with the prestigious 2019 CES Innovation award.

iLX-W650E Quick Specs

  • 7” Anti-Glare Capacitive Touch Display
  • Dual Swipe interface technology (excludes Apple CarPlay and Android Auto)
  • Apple CarPlay and Android Auto
  • FLAC/MP3/WMA/AAC Music
  • MP4/AVI/WMV/MOV Video
  • Built-In Bluetooth
  • Spotify Internet Radio Ready
  • Dual Camera Input via RCA


The best value CarPlay is the Alpine iLX-W650iLX-W650E Apple CarPlay

Apple CarPlay enables your iPhone to function through the 7” capacitive display. You can get directions, make calls, send and receive messages and listen to music keeping you connected and entertained whilst driving.

iLX-W650 is the best value Android AutoiLX-W650E Android Auto

Android Auto allows for the connection of an Android smartphone sanctioning phone calls, text messages, Google maps, other apps and voice control through the magnificent 7” capacitive touch screen display.

iLX-W650 dual swipe interfaceDual Swipe Interface

The dual swipe design is applied to be user-friendly. A two-finger swipe motion up, down, left or right will control either volume up or down and track skip back or forward. Plus, getting out of the swipe interface is simple by tapping anywhere on the screen to go back to the normal functionality. This is a smart safety feature which allows you to keep your concentration on the road ahead.

iLX-W650 power stack readyPowerStack Ready

The innovative ultra-shallow chassis design spanning a short depth of 6.1cm creates a practical solution for vehicles with restricted areas behind its dashboard. In addition, this design also stacks perfectly with the KTA-450 Power Pack

Amplifier (sold separately). Create the ultimate PowerStack where the KTA-450 is situated directly behind the iLX-W650E. The combined length of the PowerStack duo is less than the depth of a standard 2-DIN chassis ideal for vehicles with tight spaces behind the dash. The KTA-450 features Alpine’s exclusive technology, Dynamic Peak Power (DPP). That enables 400 watts without the bulk and hassle of a traditional amplifier. This innovative and breakthrough combo offers the best value power upgrade on the market.

iLX-W650 bluetoothBuilt-In Bluetooth

Built-in Bluetooth enables seamless wireless connection of your mobile phone for the convenience and safety of hands free phone and audio streaming. Plus, you can use voice control through the included external microphone.

iLX-W650 usb audioUSB Audio

The ILX-W650E has a 3-AMP USB port for super-fast charging and provides a multitude of source options, such as iPod and iPhone. It also supports memory sticks and other devices to playback specific audio file types FLAC, MP3, WMA, AAC.

iLX-W650 usb videoUSB Video

Enjoy your favourite music videos or TV shows with USB Video Playback for supported files such as MP4, AVI, WMV, MOV files (supports HD Video files up to 720p, 2-ch audio).

iLX-W650 am fm radioAM FM Radio

The iLX-W650E lets you navigate seamlessly between AM/FM channels. Conveniently select from 6 AM stations and up 18 FM stations you have preset to the main radio screen.

iLX-W650 dual camera inputDual Camera Input

The iLX-W650E also has the option to add-in dual cameras (sold separately) enabling the connection of a rear camera. An additional side or front camera for easier parking and safety can also be added.