Reverse Camera & Parking Sensor Installation

If you’re considering a reverse camera or parking sensor installation, you’ve come to the right place. We can take the guesswork out of what reverse camera options are best for you and your vehicle. We help make your choice a little easier when it comes to having a reverse camera or parking sensor installation to your car.

Parking Sensors

The most  obvious location for parking sensor installation is on the rear of your vehicle, however we can also install  front parking sensors. Both can be colour matched to blend in with vehicles exterior. Chrome and rubber mounted sensors are also available if your vehicle has metal bumper bars. Parking sensors work from a range of 3 meters to 0.3, which provides ample warning of vehicles and smaller obstacles hidden in the blind spot behind your vehicle.

Parking sensors work in conjunction with an internal siren, (hidden from view) that increases in frequency as you approach the object. Typical parking sensors have either two or four sensors, a control interface and an internal siren for audible warning. More advanced systems combine visual displays or integrate into factory screens.

Featured Parking Sensor Products

Reverse Camera

Everyone could benefit from the installation of a reverse camera and they aren’t just for large vehicles or 4WD’S. Most modern vehicles suffer from poor rear visibility, with some having blind zones in excess of 10 metres. Reverse cameras are great for safety, convenience and extra peace of mind. Small children, animals and obstacles are easily obscured from view when behind even the smallest of vehicles and the addition of a reverse camera will drastically improve rear vision.

Matching a quality camera with an aftermarket monitor or factory fitted GPS navigation unit is possible and makes for a seamless installation. It is important to select quality components to ensure accuracy and performance in even the most difficult conditions like rain and darkness.

Featured Reverse Camera Products

Customised Reverse Camera & Parking Sensor Solutions

The combinations of products and applications are seemingly endless, it’s best you talk directly to us your local CAM expert about which reverse camera or parking sensor installation best suits your needs.