Kenwood DMX8019S CarPlay Android Auto

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The DMX8019S sports a stunning 7″ touch screen, with superior processing and enhanced graphics. Whether it’s playing videos or navigating maps, the display looks sensational.

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Apple CarPlay and Android Auto makes your smartphone the centre of your mobile entertainment and communication. Navigate with apps, watch your favourite movie or listen to your favourite artist, plus make and receive calls. All of this is even handsfree thanks to intuitive voice commands.

The Kenwood DMX8019S is an impressive product  – 7″s of party out front and all business out back.

Dual-USB ports let you play music and video files in all the popular formats. Plus the fast-charge keeps your phone powered up as you drive.

Loaded with tech the DMX8019S allows up to three camera’s to be connected. How about a rear camera, dash cam, and front or blind-spot camera all in one? Just press the ‘CAM’ button and switch between them all via the touch screen.

Kenwood DMX8019S Apple CarPlay and Android AutoDMX8019S Quick Features

  • Wired Apple CarPlay & Android Auto (via USB)
  • Resistive 7″ touch screen
  • Bluetooth 3.0
  • 5 Phone AD2P Connectivity, 2 Phone Full Time Connectivity
  • Spotify Control
  • Digital Time Alignment
  • 3 x RCA 4V Preout
  • 13 Band EQ
  • Dual USB 1.5A Charging
  • Three Camera Inputs
  • Direct OEM Steering Control

Kenwood Apple CarPlay

DMX8019S Apple CarPlay

One of the most useful features for any car is Apple CarPlay, simply connect your iPhone via USB and enjoy  iOS features on the big screen. Activated by simple voice commands, CarPlay becomes a versatile companion. Ask Siri to make and receive calls, play music, navigate with Apple or Google maps, reply to text messages, and so much more.

Android Auto USB

DMX8019S Android Auto

Like CarPlay, simply connect your smartphone (via USB) and enjoy your favourite Android apps directly on your head unit.

Ask the Google Assistant to make calls, read and reply to text messages, play music, access Google maps, calendars, and much more. All without taking your hands off the wheel.

3x Camera Inputs

DMX8019S Camera Inputs

Dedicated to safer driving this unit comes with three camera inputs, giving better visibility and simplifies parking and reversing. The three inputs allow you to select different camera views, including:

  • A reverse camera to see behind the vehicle
  • Dash cams to keep an extra eye on driving and accidents
  • Front cameras for blind spots on SUV’s for easier parking
  • Blind-spot cameras (located on the side or front) for additional safety

Smartphone Connectivity

DMX8019S Dual Smartphone Connectivity

With two phone connection you no longer need to worry about un-pairing your smartphone. Keep two phones connected via Bluetooth at the same time, just switch between them with the Kenwood screen.