Renault Traffic with Pioneer 9″ DMH-ZF9350

pioneer dmv-zf9350 in renault trafic

Loaded with wireless CarPlay & Android Auto, Bluetooth, HDMI & USB the Pioneer DMH-ZF9350 is the perfect partner for business or pleasure. Installed in the Renault Trafic dash the screen takes pride of place nice and high.

DMH-ZF9350 Installation into T5 VW Transporter

vw transporter CarPlay upgrade dmh-zf9350

We recently installed the Pioneer 9″ Tablet unit into a T5 Volkswagen Transporter. Optioned from factory with a single CD/Bluetooth/Radio we were able to install the new unit with 9″ display in the factory location. Loaded with Wi-Fi certified wireless CarPlay and Android Auto plus Alexia, Bluetooth and USB/HDMI it has all connections covered. The […]

Mazda CX-3 CarPlay / Android Auto Retrofit

mazda cx-3 CarPlay retrofit

Told by Mazda and other local installers that it couldn’t be done, we pushed on with a custom solution to bring the latest connectivity to her relatively new CX-3. Equiped from factory with a very basic bluetooth radio at the top of the dash, the vehicle did have some limitations. On inspecting the vehicle we […]

Honda CRV with upgraded CarPlay / Android Auto & GPS

honda cdv with tablet CarPlay android auto

The Honda CRV is a great car but the factory optioned multimedia system is severely lacking when it comes to phone connectivity. With a heavily sloping dash the factory screen also suffered from a lot of glare. Our solution was to install an Alpine iNE-F409 tablet style system with built-in GPS, CarPlay, Android Auto and […]

Alpine ILX-F259 Installation into Fuso Truck

alpine halo 9 ilx-f259 installation

The business owner wanted the practicality of CarPlay/Android Auto for their drivers to connect and navigate with their phones. They also wanted the added safety of a reverse camera and a large screen. Based on these two requirements we elected to install Alpine’s baby Halo 9 iLX-F259E in place of the factory radio. The ability […]

2019 Dodge RAM with Alpine Halo 9 Installation

dodge ram with alpine iNE-F409

This 2019 Dodge RAM came through our workshop to upgrade the factory audiovisual system. After considering all options we decided that a custom-fit of Alpine’s flagship Halo 9 unit with tablet style display and built-in GPS. In addition to the GPS the iNE-F409E also features a host of connectivity in the form of wired CarPlay […]

Alpine 8″ CarPlay installation into 79 Series

Land Cruiser 8" alpine

This purposeful 79 Series had Alpine’s 8″ CarPlay/Android Auto solution installed in place of the factory stereo system. The 8″ LC70-X308AU solution packages GPS with camping and 4WD tracks along with CarPlay, Android Auto and a host of connection options. To keep things safe out back we utilised an Alpine reverse camera. The camera provides […]

MN Triton Bluetooth Upgrade with CarPlay / Android Auto & Reverse Camera

MN Triton GLX-R with reverse camera

There’s no doubting the popularity of Mitsubishi’s Triton. Built solid, they have stood the test of time well. However the factory Triton Bluetooth isn’t quite keeping up so well. The MN Triton was built from 2009 – 2015 and had a few different options for factory radio or in some cases GPS. Bluetooth Upgrade Across […]

Hyundai i30 CarPlay Upgrade

Want to upgrade your Hyundai i30 to the latest in CarPlay and Android Auto? We specialise in the upgrading of most factory stereo systems to the latest in CarPlay & Android Auto.

Want to upgrade your Hyundai i30 to the latest in CarPlay and Android Auto? We specialise in the upgrading of most factory stereo systems to the latest in CarPlay & Android Auto. The i30 is a great little car and in just half a day we can install the latest car audio system for you. […]

Subaru WRX Stereo Replacement

subaru WRX audio system

The owner of this 2013 Subaru WRX came to us in need of a stereo replacement. The vehicle was optioned from factory with the premium GPS unit and upgraded front door speakers. Even though at the time it was a respectable package time hasn’t been kind to the factory radio. Stereo Replacement While we were […]